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Property Management Services in Central Oregon


Testimonials from Tenants

I am a mother of 3 and recently separated from a 20 year marriage. I am renting a home from Mary at Rock Solid Property Management. This was made possible due to the help and understanding of Rock Solid. Mary is kind hearted and helps those who really need it by giving them a chance. I refer everyone to Rock Solid where they will be treated with respect, love, truth and understanding! Thank you Mary for being so awesome at what you do! I absolutely love the house I am renting......

Renee M-Grooms


Thanks for referring us to Tena and Judy and thanks for all the times I lock myself out. Thanks for your knowledge on house stuff. Thanks for the apartment that got us started in Redmond. You are awesome at what you do. We recommend you as a great property manager. You are the best at what you do!

The Ybarra Family


Testimonials from Owners

Mary Hill and Rock Solid Property Management have been a real life saver for my bookkeeping and sanity! We had a property manager prior to Mary and if there were any repairs on the rentals or any changes from the ordinary rent and fees, her monthly statements never made any sense. All I ever got were excuses for things not getting done and no inspections to check on our investment.
I have not had any problem with Mary's statements. Everything is in black and white and you know what has been paid and why! It has been such a nice change. I just wish we had changed property manager's several years ago! Mary is straight forward and very clear. Our tenants love the change and are thrilled with the way Mary interacts with them. Things are fixed with Mary in charge. She makes regular inspections and recommends maintenance prior to big problems developing.

Myra Skidgel, Manager
Aldous Family Enterprises, LLC


It gives me great pleasure to offer my highest endorsement to Mary Hill as a professional property manager. Ms Hill has an excellent understanding of Oregon landlord – tenant law and she represents her firm with a high level of integrity. She has managed my rental properties in Redmond and Prineville for the past year and I have been very pleased with the care that she takes in the selection of tenants and the amount of effort that she puts into the application and screening process.

In addition to the excellent work that she puts into the selection of tenants she also completes monthly reports in an organized and timely manner. Mary Hill reports incomes and expenses in an honest and readable manner and I have never detected an inappropriate management expense.

Real Estate is a valuable resource that should be protected and cared for. If you are considering a professional management company I would recommend Mary Hill the owner/operator of Rock Solid Property Management Group LLC. I would welcome your private telephone call if you have any questions about Mary Hill or her management company.

Sincerely, Dana Bratton






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